The Left’s War on a Distant Memory of America

In other news...the polygamists want the same special rights as the homosexuals.

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Theocratic conservative blogger, independent speechwriter, and political provocateur Trey Mays is a Christian Reformist — because culture needs fundamental reform, not revolutionary change. He is a fighter for a multi-party, decentralized Constitutional Confederacy of small Christian republics based on the standards of God's Law of Liberty.

Dear Readers,

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the racially divisive, prejudicial, vainglorious, animus secular culture we find ourselves.  We have Leftist elites that pour gasoline on the raging dumpster fires of our racial prejudices, vainglories, and animosities with NFL protests by brats (who have more privilege than the whitest person born prior to 1860), and whiny thugs triggered by inanimate Confederate statutes and flags.

Oh, and if you were triggered or angered by the preceding paragraph, congratulations you’ve just discovered your own prejudices, vainglories, and animosities.  Now, the hard part comes to actually repent of them and nail them to the Cross of Jesus Christ.  If we actually had a Church, we’d have pastors and fellow believers equipped to walk with you as you repent of these sins.  Because, even in your prejudice, vainglory, and animosity, God meets you where you are, in the muck and the grime.

And if I’ve triggered you, then you’re one of those gullible Christians who took the bait of the Left.  You accepted their misdirection.  The Left wants you to feel vindictive or angry in your prejudice, vainglory, and animosity.  It’s to distract us while they erase any memory of Western culture, Christianity, and a decentralized constitutional government in America.

It’s a misdirection because antebellum slavery is gone (replaced by debt slavery), and the Southern Confederacy lost the war (shh, don’t tell them neo-confederates, they might be triggered by this news).

If you didn’t know this (and you probably didn’t because I guarantee you your government school doesn’t teach it), but there are two groups in America that want the Civil War re-litigated: the Left, and the Neo-Confederates.  The Left re-litigates it because it’s been a great misdirection that keeps our prejudices, vainglories, and animosities alive.  Neo-Confederates want the South to rise again because to them the war never actually ended (I just don’t have the heart to tell them the South lost).

We, paleo-confederates, don’t care for the Union (slave traders) or the Old South (slave holders).  We recognize that America was in a deep theological crisis over antebellum slavery and what the Christian Scriptures actually said.  And it was that theological crisis that couldn’t be reconciled, which led to a war that slaughtered over 600,000 Americans, black and white (when the rest of the Western world was able to eliminate slavery and the slave trade relatively peaceably).

And fyi, saying, “America was willing to go to war to eliminate slavery” is an asinine, lazy, and unbiblical excuse to go to war, especially since the rest of the Western world didn’t need to go to war.  Don’t use Just War to claim the Civil War was a righteous cause.  Just War Theory wasn’t arguing that war is sometimes a righteous tool to eliminate evil.  All it theorized was when faced with a potential war, there are certain criteria that make it justifiable to fight in one.  Wars are usually fought because some theological crisis couldn’t be reconciled, and sinners tend to resort to their base nature (which is total depravity).

Any pastor who takes a side over the Civil War isn’t being honest with you.  The American pastorate today doesn’t want to entertain the probable idea that both sides in the Civil War were wrong.  And it was the way in which they were unable to reconcile their theological differences, and their inability to read what God’s Word actually says that led to war.

And because pastors in today’s contemporary church are too effeminate and overly concerned with people’s emotional sentimentality, they willfully ignore the consequences we are experiencing today because of the Civil War.  They also turn a blind eye to the underlying prejudices, vainglories, and animosities at the root of our race problems today.

But enough about the Civil War and America’s mistaken understanding of that war.  What is the Left actually trying to dismantle and destroy?

Their war is with a distant memory of America because that America doesn’t exist anymore.  The Constitution, as it was originally conceived, is a dim light of a nearly forgotten time.  And the America we live in today replaced Western culture with something else entirely.  (The secularists don’t even know what culture they replaced it with because they have no standard of their own to build a culture.)

The consequences of our theological crisis that resulted in the Civil War started a domino effect away from decentralized constitutional government and Western culture.  And it cascaded to its apex during the administration of the racist centralizer, Woodrow Wilson.  That was when America was fundamentally transformed into a centralized national government.  The death of Western culture followed during the height of the sexual revolution, and legalized abortion.

Now, to complete their fundamental dismantling of Western civilization and Christianity’s influence, the Left must erase its memory.  They want the current generation to reject the memory with false narratives tying it to racism and slavery, while they teach the next generations a revision without Western ideology and Christianity.

In other news…

And, let the next mirage please stand up. According to a recent Life Site News report, a polygamist lawsuit is challenging the homosexual marriage in Mississippi as too limiting on religious grounds.  They’re claiming its “religious” nature means other religions such as, polygamy, zoophilia, and machinism should be allowed to legally marry as well.

Soon it’ll be the bestialists demanding special rights to marry the beasts they “love.”  Because “love wins,” right?

Well, the sane, conservative Christians did not at all predict this (even if we are a small minority).  No, we actually did, and we were laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed for suggesting such conspiracy theories.

There’s really not much to comment on with this story, but to tell everybody who claimed, “same-sex marriage doesn’t affect ‘my marriage’,” I told you so.  But that would be arrogant and not at all humbling.  They already know they were wrong.

The cultural mandate, and its New Testament reiteration in the Great Commission, is a mandate to cultivate the whole creation in general, and cultivate our spheres of creation within our own national borders specifically.  They apply to every area of life, and to all created beings – believer and unbeliever.  There aren’t two separate realms, one for the Sacred and another for the Secular.

The Covenant of Creation covers this earth because Christ has all authority in Heaven and on earth.  Therefore, God has given His Church the moral authority to speak into the world of unbelief and argue against the profane, while gradually progressing and reforming towards the Sacred and Righteous.

And again (because it has been said ad nauseam by every sane person on the planet), once you allow the government to “redefine” marriage (more like creating a mirage of the real thing), you open the door to Statism.  You grant the State the authority to control your property and your family.  The government will begin to take away your liberty in other areas when mirages are accepted as valid alternatives to marriage.

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Theocratic conservative blogger, independent speechwriter, and political provocateur Trey Mays is a Christian Reformist — because culture needs fundamental reform, not revolutionary change. He is a fighter for a multi-party, decentralized Constitutional Confederacy of small Christian republics based on the standards of God's Law of Liberty.

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