FOUR BLOOD MOONS: What do they mean for Israel and America?

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{Author’s Note: Much of this information derived from studies and books of Pastors John Hagee and Mark Blitz}

The FIRST Blood Moon of this 2-Year Tetrad occurs NEXT WEEK {Holy Week}! So what will the coming Blood Moons MEAN for Israel and America? First and foremost, they are SIGNALS that our Lord JESUS CHRIST, Who is also inevitably ISRAEL’S SAVIOUR in the Last Days, is ready to RETURN, and this coming HISTORIC 4 Blood Moon occurence in 2014-15 is an urgent WAKE-UP CALL to sleeping Christians…

The biggest skeptic cannot deny God’s Perfect Timing. For the FIRST TIME ever, beginning THIS YEAR, the four Blood Moons fall EXACTLY on God’s Biblical High Holy Days, divided by a Total Solar Eclipse IN the Shemittah Year {Biblical Holy Year}! The first Blood Moon occurring THIS MONTH on the Feast Day of PASSOVER {April 14th-15th}, and 2nd in October ON the Feast Day of Tabernacles! Next Year AS WELL, with a Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun sandwiched in between ON the Day of the BIBLICAL New Year, Rosh Hashana! Have the aethiestic scientists and astrologists explain THAT as a ‘coincidence’. Just how AWESOME is our God?!

And even BETTER the ONLY other occurrences of Blood Moons on Biblical Feast Days, were in 1493 {Biblical Prophecy significance: Jewish persecution leads to their exile from Spain}, 1949 {Biblical Prophetical significance: FIRST full year of the Jews once again possessing the Holy Land of ISRAEL}, and 1967 {Biblical Prophetical Significance: Israel WINS the Six-Day War against all surrounding Islamic nations trying to destroy the Jews, while RECLAIMING the Biblical Capital of Israel, JERUSALEM}!

So, I expect something VERY prophetical BIBLICALLY to occur with ISRAEL again in the days and seasons of these coming BLOOD MOONS. But NOT ONLY THAT. 2015 is a SHEMITTAH Year on God’s Calendar, and that will NOT BODE well for rebellious America. WHY do I say that? Because as the USA has pulled further away from The LORD Year after Year, God has been known to send JUDGMENTS upon America every SHEMITTAH Year in the Month of Rosh Hashana {September}. For example, in 2001, America’s defenses were breached by our enemies on 9-11 {SEPTEMBER 11, 2001}. Exactly 7 years later, in 2008, the GREAT ECONOMIC COLLAPSE happened in SEPTEMBER, as Wall Street pretty much CRASHED, with the DOW Jones falling 777 points {777 is the Number that represents The God of the Holy Bible, YHWH}. And the next 7 Year point of Judgment falls SEPTEMBER 2015!!! Will America’s Economy finally CRASH and burn once and for all? Will Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Muslim terrorists attack AGAIN? Will God DIVIDE America, as Obama attempts to DIVIDE Israel {specifically Jerusalem}, as God warned in Joel 3:2?! Could that division and Judgment of God upon America be a Great EARTHQUAKE in the Madrid faultline which would LITERALLY cut America in HALF? Will it be a historical, unheard of HURRICANE which defies science and comes over coasts to directly impact the HEARTLAND of America?

Any or ALL of these things could happen, and happen in 2014-15!!! Even more exciting, the Jewish Year is currently 5775. 2016, the Year directly following these 4 Blood Moon occurences, is the Jewish Year – 5777! Again 5-777!! Remember what I said about the number 777? THE NUMBER of YaHWeH GOD Himself! Is all this coincidence?? You’d have to be completely ignorant, naive and unbelieving to label ALL these Biblical Prophetical connections as ‘coincidence’. GOD willing, one of these 4 Blood Moons will be the final SIGNAL of our Lord JESUS CHRIST’s RETURN, possibly 2016?!?!

Praise The LORD and God continue to bless and protect Israel till THE END, which, according to these coming Signs, could be SOON! And don’t worry, for believers, the ‘END’ is really just our BEGINNING

“The SUN shall be turned into DARKNESS {total eclipse}, and the MOON INTO BLOOD, before the great and the terrible DAY OF THE LORD come. And it shall come to pass, that WHOSOEVER shall call on the NAME of The LORD shall be DELIVERED: for in Mount ZION and in JERUSALEM {Israel} shall BE deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the REMNANT {Christians} whom YaHWeH shall call.” ~ Joel 2:31-32

Ambassador for YHWH God The Father & The Lord JESUS Christ

Bible-believing Christian. Far-right Conservative. Love Israel. Learn more about me at -

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