Earning a Day’s Wage from YOU…

...so the Elites of Nottingham can collect taxes.

Where’s today’s Robin Hood? Today’s liberalism has a fundamental misunderstanding or ignorance of the story of Robin Hood.  Or was the author of that story a fool when it came to understanding economics? Either way, liberalism views the story of Robin Hood as a class struggle between the rich and the poor, and a call […]

The Reality of Judicial Supremacy

Responding to Pastor Douglas Wilson

We finally have an honest dialogue going between Christian abolitionists and Christian incrementalists.  And that’s a good thing.  All we can pray for is a God-centered like-mindedness and unity will be the result. There is much to be grateful for American Vision, Joel McDurmon, and John Reasnor for their contribution to a biblical worldview and […]

In Defense of Smashmouth Incrementalism

In other news...biblical purity isn't defined by white pigmentation

Dear Readers, Fighting injustice and demanding that justice be served is emotional. Our feelings towards those things that which make us angry or break our heart when we see it done are thrown into hyper drive. Our emotional reaction towards injustice is no different from our reaction to brothers when we’re in disagreement over the […]

A Message for Scout Parents: Guard Your Children

The Apostasy of the Boy Scouts vs. the Faithfulness of Trail Life USA

The Boy Scouts of America (Boy Scouts) was founded as a Christian youth organization explicitly for boys to train them into Godly men of good Christian character.  It was a Christian youth ministry built on a foundation firmly believing in the Truth of the Christian Scriptures.  If it weren’t clear with the acceptance of homosexual […]

CULTURE WARS: Leftist religious bigotry rejected by the Pentagon

Hate crimes are blasphemy laws by another name.

Secular humanists have successfully turned American culture generally against God.  They made themselves out to be the purveyors of liberty and tolerance.  And the contemporary Church is almost entirely to blame for allowing the secularists to define the world and society in a way that perverts God’s social order. In reality, secular humanists are some […]

The powerless, effeminate, cowardly, surrendered American Church of Dualism

Who defines the world? Which God is worshiped? Which law and morality is imposed?

One of the best things that came out the 2016 election, more appropriately known as the 2016 dumpster fire, was finding the radio show, podcast, and writings of Steve Deace. His knowledge of history and theology with his ability to objectively analyze is refreshingly uncharacteristic to the rest of the media business. But it is […]

The magic of Elon Musk (powered by the American taxpayer)

Apparently imagination knows no bounds, but needs government subsidies for funding.

It has always been the allure of imagination and ambition, and maybe a little bit of science fiction, if we’re being honest, of the space scientists and astronauts to one day go to Mars.  Since President Obama had redirected NASA’s mission a little more towards Muslim outreach, and away from space exploration, the private sector […]

The GOP tax reform framework is garbage

The status quo of the unibrow party: tweaking for growth vs. constructing a collective utopia

It is garbage for one simple reason.  It ain’t reform. You can slap lipstick on a pig, but you know what?  It’s still going to be a pig, no matter how hard you squint and imagine that pig as something else entirely.  When your framework for “tax reform” fundamentally leaves the current progressive tax system […]

Roy Moore wins, judicial supremacists beware

Analyzing the Alabama primary run-off election and the misguided "hot takes."

Former Alabama Chief Justice, Judge Roy Moore, defeated McConnell lackey and President Trump-supported incumbent, Luther Strange, last night.  And it wasn’t some close primary election that will end up meaning nothing.  Judge Moore defeated the Trump-backed Strange by winning 63 of the 67 counties in Alabama. Candidates win elections, but it was Christian conservatism and […]

Joy Reid, there’s a world of difference between the NFL and Church

The ultimate reality of the Gospel must overcome the grievance outrages of the mob.

Taking a knee as a form of protest at an NFL football game is about revering oneself. Bending a knee to the King and Creator of this world in church is reverent worship for the One who is Greater. I completely understand and in no way deny the injustices and the plight that the African-American […]

Kurdistan and the natural right of self-determination

The Quest for Independence and Sovereignty

Over the weekend, one of my fellow writers here at the NOQ Report, Ray Fava, reported that Kurdistan is set to follow #Brexit with their own #Kexit.  The Kurds have long sought autonomy and independence from their Iraqi overlords.  And President Trump and his administration’s opposition to the Kurdistan independence referendum will not stop the […]

The Left’s War on a Distant Memory of America

In other news...the polygamists want the same special rights as the homosexuals.

Dear Readers, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the racially divisive, prejudicial, vainglorious, animus secular culture we find ourselves.  We have Leftist elites that pour gasoline on the raging dumpster fires of our racial prejudices, vainglories, and animosities with NFL protests by brats (who have more privilege than the whitest person born […]

A Federalist approach to tax reform

The Neutral Tax

“Tax Reform.” What do I mean when I use that term?  Politicians and elites of all stripes and colors tend to muck up the definition with nebulous platitudes that poll well.  The American people then end up believing the way the politicians and media have conveniently twisted and contorted the meaning of tax reform. On […]

Trump’s Maiden Voyage into the Swamp of World Politics

And in other news, the Republicans keep Obamacare...

Dear Readers, Full disclosure, I didn’t watch a single word of President Trump’s inaugural speech to the United Nations General Assembly (also known as UNGA by the suits in the media).  I have to be honest with y’all, I don’t much care for the United Nations. There is nothing remotely serious about a bunch of […]

Re-Constituting America to Accommodate the Perpetually Offended

Are we building a utopia around the autonomous self, or building and shaping society under Christ's Kingship?

Well, yesterday was these United States of America’s birth as a new republican government.  July 4 is the annual celebration of America’s independence and self-determination from British tyranny.  September 17, on the other hand, is the reverent and memorialized day America became a constituted Republic with all authority vested from the People and derived from […]

Trump’s DACA Repeal is All Hat, No Cattle

Compassion for Whom?

President Donald Trump proclaimed a future end to President Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty during the campaign in his typical bellicose fashion. After nearly a year of waiting for a promise that could’ve been kept on day one, President Trump announced with all the typical false progressive assumptions, a 6-month delay of the DACA repeal. […]

SJWs and Grievance Politics Embraces the Idolatry of Tribalism

The Insanity of Cosmic Justice & Grievance Politics in Our Race Relations

Amanda Prestigiacomo at The Daily Wire is reporting a Black Lives Matter leader has unveiled a new list of demands for white people. The race-baiting and stroking of racial sensitivities are designed to elevate the superiority of our own race based on our perceived grievances. When identity politics and grievance politics marry, they make little […]

Trump’s New Immigration Plan and the Sovereignty of a Free People

Understanding Immigration in Light of the Dominion and Sovereignty of a Free People

It’s been a whirlwind of weeks for President Donald Trump with staff reshuffles at the White House, but he did announce a new legal immigration plan that in part eliminates chain migration and restricts legal immigration. For all of Mr. Trump’s character flaws and liberal positions, his rhetoric and this plan were good. And right […]

A Few Thoughts on Google and Corporate Humanism

Understanding the Nature of Crapitalism and Our Socialist Asylum

Conventional wisdom erroneously claims fascism is the extreme right wing, and communism is the extreme left wing. In reality, they both have the same collective mindset of secular humanism. The socialists are the Ruling Class in government, and the crapitalists are the businessmen in Corporate America who run the collective asylum. Humanism is a social […]

An Open Letter to Christian Parents

Christian Parents, Neutrality is a Myth in Public Education

Matt Walsh, blogger and staff writer at TheBlaze, posited yesterday that the public school system cannot be saved. We can only save our children from the compulsory public school system. But why is the public school system a lost cause? It is amazing how secular we are, as Christians, when it comes to our view […]

I’m a Patriot.

But This Fourth of July, I Pledged Allegiance to God, Not My Country.

Now that we have done our “patriotic duty” with flag-waving national pride for the year, let’s reflect and lament. July 4, 1776 is the day of independence from British tyranny and religious oppression. The day would eventually launch the American Reformation (erroneously known as the American Revolution). Independence Day was a day of celebration for […]

The Charlie Gard Case Reminds Christians Why We Should Be Outraged At Socialized Medicine

Statism Feeds on the Envy and Depravity of Man

Charlie Gard, baby boy of Chris Gard and Connie Yates across the trans-Atlantic pond in the United Kingdom, has a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The powers that be of the State have concluded that Charlie must “die with dignity.” It’s a tragic, sordid tale of depravity that every sensible human being should […]

Lesson From Alexandria?

We Are A Sinful Idolatrous Culture - And Political Parties Are Our Idols.

We woke up yesterday to the tragic news of a deranged shooter attempting to kill a few Congressional Republicans. The fault of this tragedy doesn’t fall on those anti-gun leftists and Soviet-supporting Marxists who supported Bernie Sanders. We are to blame. We have personalized our political, partisan, racial idolatries to the point we have elevated them […]

Trump’s First 100 Days?

The Stage Is Set for Broken Promises and Republican Fecklessness

As President Trump’s and the new Republican Congress’ first 100 days end, let’s examine the stage they have set for the future. If these 100 days will be any indication of the future, it will be a bleak America entrenched in the status quo and an increasingly powerful DC swamp. President Donald Trump and all […]

Remember On Tax Day

There's Nothing Moral Or Christian About The Income Tax.

Tax day is here. All Americans dread the day with every dying breath they take. The hatred most people have towards tax day has more to do with the incredible inconvenience it is than actually paying taxes. Nobody actually understands why tax day in general, and income taxation specifically, are unbelievably immoral and nefariously evil. […]

The Prudential Need for Sobriety and Wisdom

America on the Brink of Global War

President Trump authorized military strikes on Assad’s chemical weapons facility in retaliation to a gas attack on the Syrian people, which probably means America has decided to remove Assad. Assad is a fiend and should not be in power. But is America pursuing a military regime change in haste without thinking of the global consequences? […]

The Mike Pence ‘Controversy’ Confirmed That Our Culture Cannot Stand The Joy Of Biblical Marriage

The Billy Graham Rule: Fidelity, or Misogyny?

The Billy Graham Rule specifically deals with marriage and its legal jurisdiction of the family in biblical government, the public institution that sustains the family government. Fidelity to one’s spouse, especially a man remaining faithful to his wife, is the key to a flourishing marriage and family government. Vice President Mike Pence recently stepped in […]

Why Pro-Life Reformists Must Think Bigger Than Just “Better Judges”

An Act of Congress is the Only Reform to Rein in Judicial Supremacy

The Gorsuch confirmation hearings are getting underway. Confirming pro-life judges to every level of the Federal Judiciary is important. It won’t bring about the cultural reform of American society. The law schools, legal profession, conservative legal movement, and the Judiciary are irremediably broken. At their core, they believe in protecting the sanctity of one-sided stare […]

Tomi Lahren Teaches An Important Lesson

Conservatism Has No Principles If It Is Merely 'Anti-Left'

Political observers on the Right frequently say former President Barack Obama dismantled his Democrat Party over his eight-year reign. Their analysis of the modern Democrats would be accurate. They lost over 900 elective offices since Obama assumed the American throne. However, Obama’s progressivism also dismantled one of the great intellectual movements of the twentieth century: […]

Compassion Is One Thing – But Supporting Open Borders For Illegal Immigrants Is Not ‘Biblical.’

Sovereign Nations have a Right to Protect and Prioritize the Rights of Citizens First

Obama’s illegal amnesty, the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied children across our southern border, the refugee crisis in the Middle East, and Trump’s beautiful wall have made immigration a hot topic. It is a third rail of politics sure to alienate the best of friends. Therefore, I will attempt to address this third rail of politics […]

The GOP Is Tricking The Christian Right Into Supporting ‘TrumpCare’

Will We Fall For It?

After eight long years of Republicans dragging conservatives and the Christian Right along on the #FullRepeal rallying cry, Republicans now have full control of the Federal Government. It wasn’t just the full repeal of Obamacare that they promised. They also dragged us on with the platitude of #DefundPlannedParenthood. This was merely a way to dupe […]

Christians, Last Night, We Witnessed the Historic Result of a First Samuel 8 Society

Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing for he comes not with mercy, but still in judgment.

Well, the election is over.  America has our new President-elect.  I have maintained throughout this entire election since Senator Ted Cruz lost on May 3 that we are a nation under judgment for our rebellion against God and this election is the result of our own First Samuel 8 rebellion.  The parallels between Israel’s rejection […]

Racial Division and Color-Blindness in America

Human Dignity is Found in the Character of a Person, Not the Color of Their Skin

After the election of our first black president, is it odd to anyone else that we seem to have as a nation fallen backwards towards more racial division?  I blame the president.  He has done little to nothing to transcend the divisive human construct of race to bring all Americans together, united in our personhood.  […]

The Fat Lady Is Gonna Sing at the Convention, Not a Moment Before

Will Republicans Choose Grace for America, or will they Choose the Reprobates?

If you are still one of the few Fox News hold-outs still hoping they will correct course, stop shilling for the biggest reprobate in the country, and stop nominating Baal before the election is over, do yourself a huge favor and turn off cable news.  Fox is a joke.  They were never one of us.  […]

The Ignorance of Christian Millennials

The Social Gospel is Defining Christianity among Millennials more than the true Gospel

Americans can’t even define democratic socialism, much less spell it. Americans think that it’s about caring for the poor and the sick and the downtrodden, and making everything the Government deems a public necessity free. They couldn’t be more wrong, ignorant, or both. And putting a “democratic” qualifier doesn’t explain it or make it better. […]

A Time for Bold Conservative Leadership in the Senate

The Crony Capitalism and Status Quo of the McConnell Establishment belong in the Ash Heap of History

The Republican Cartel loves singing the praises of the late, great Ronald Wilson Reagan for revitalizing the Republican Party.  However, they re-write and ignore history because they opposed his revolution of We, the People at every turn with vitriolic irrational hatred until they had no other choice but to join him or die a political […]

#NeverTrump: An Open Letter to Marco Rubio (and Ted Cruz)

Coalescing behind One Candidate will do more to defeat Trump than a Brokered Convention, which will destroy the GOP Forever (which is not necessarily a bad idea).

Senator Rubio, I choose to believe that you and Senator Ted Cruz are good, decent, honorable men who really do just want to do what’s best for the conservative movement and the country as a whole. And I’m sure you believed and still believe you are the best choice. And maybe you’re right, it’s all […]

#DropOutMarco: Make Butthurt Politicians Great Again

Marco Rubio is Trolling Ted Cruz and Spoiling Conservative Chances of Beating Donald Trump.

Last night was an awful night for the establishment and Fox News. Their wonder boy was dealt a yuge blow to his ego by not winning many delegates. Marco Rubio is 1 for 15, while not receiving any delegates in some states or only one delegate in others. While the pundits were claiming everybody below […]

Ben Carson Drops Out without Dropping Out

Dear God. I hate butthurt politicians who let their egos get the better of them.

Let’s be real for a moment.   Dr. Ben Carson is this allegedly great man of integrity and character. Yet, he has barely campaigned, spends all the money he raises on expensive direct-mail and fundraising, and sells books.   And then he finally announces and admits that he has no path to the nomination, drops […]

The Establishment Lane is Divided between Corporatism and Open Borders

Will Conservatives finally unite around the only Constitutionalist in the three-man race?

It is clear that there really are only three serious candidates left in the Republican field for the GOP nomination for President. John Kasich is an insufferable Democrat running as a Republican to give Americans a bathroom break during the debates. And Ben Carson used to be a good man until it became apparent that […]

The United Nations is a Worthless Ash Heap of Incompetence and Debauchery

Why is the United States still a member of the United Nations?

From its inception, the United Nations has been on a steady path towards Woodrow Wilson’s utopian dream of a league of nations in one global community. And that’s not a good thing. It has been a steady stream of foreign policy boondoggles, ineptness, and pure incompetence in dealing with international crises in making peace and […]

The Despicable Human Being That Is Lindsey Graham

The Citizens of South Carolina should Impeach or Recall Lindsey Graham if he doesn’t resign today.

It is the worst kept secret in Washington that Senator Ted Cruz is loathed and hated by everyone in the Washington Cartel. Irrationally loathing another human being speaks more against you than it does against the one you loathe, but you have a right to your opinions (no matter how irrational). The Washington Cartel hates […]

It’s Time for the Silent Majority of the Church to Stand for Life

Trump: Planned Parenthood's Favorite Republican. Rubio: Silent on Defunding Planned Parenthood. Cruz: A Voice for the Defenseless.

Since 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that there is a right to privacy and they legalized and legitimized the mass genocide of preborn children, science has slowing eroded at the pro-aborts notion that the unborn wasn’t a life yet. It has pushed the line of when life begins closer and […]

The Coming Implosion of the Republican Party

The GOP and its Open Borders Cartel should prepare to say hello to the Whigs.

After the shellacking the Republican establishment received in 2008 and 2012, and their subsequent blaming of grassroots conservatives on their losses, the GOP tried to remedy their mistakes. They created an expedited primary season so that their establishment candidate with money and name ID (Jeb Bush) can quickly win. Instead, their grand stupidity created the […]

What Made Ronald Reagan a Great Communicator?

Fox and the GOP Cartel want you to believe it was Reagan’s soft-spoken delivery, but is this true.

America’s 40th President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, was undoubtedly the best communicator in modern American political history. We’re always hearing of stories from the talking heads peddling out who they want to be the next Ronald Reagan, the next Great Communicator. However, do their “communicators” really fit with Reagan’s ability to communicate with the People? Fox […]

Evangelicals are Disobeying God in Their Demand for a King

Civil Society is crumbling. Instead of demanding a return to Biblical principles, Evangelicals are crowning a megalomaniac King and making ‘Merica the defining principle of Christianity

Let’s be honest. Saturday was a disappointing day in the history of the American Evangelical Church. When I thought Evangelicals were finally coming out and voting their values, and rallying around the only candidate who has consistently fought for Biblical principles, South Carolinian Evangelicals proved me wrong. Evangelicals haven’t yet coalesced around a candidate yet. […]

The Authoritarian vs. The Constitutionalist

There are Only Two Electable Candidates, if anyone tells You Differently, They’re Lying

Last night was the third primary election for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election. It was a good night for authoritarians and cults everywhere. It was a bad night for the Constitution. Donald J. Trump was able to drag his cult following behind him to deliver him an impressive victory in the winner-take-all […]

The One Thing Everyone will ignore in the Pope’s Condemnation of Jihadists

Pope Francis is a Social Justice Warrior Fighting for Peace, Harmony, Love, and Mercy, but is Utterly Devoid of Truth

On Monday, Pope Francis told the members of the international diplomatic corps in the Vatican that there is no difference between all “true religions.” They all promote peace, according to the Pope. The Catholic leader’s words are his most recent condemnation of the jihadists of the Islamic State, which he claims is a perversion of […]

I Blame Hollywood, Government Education, and Inept Parents

America is creating the Most Intolerant Younger Generation with Micro-Aggression

People can’t say anything without one person being offended and micro-aggressed by every little “slight, snub, and insult.” Therefore, we have anarchist activist leaders demanding fascistic policies of shutting down free speech, like repealing the First Amendment, and demanding “safe spaces” so students can go cry by themselves. Have we really become this insanely intolerant […]

The Bold Case for a Ted Cruz and Rand Paul 2016 Campaign

The Cruz-Paul Dream Team of Bold Colors, Not Pale Pastels

The elites in the so-called “conservative” media will be mocking this choice for President and Vice President. They will claim that it’s too conservative and too libertarian. I say they can take their conventional wisdom of pragmatic moderation, that consistently loses elections, and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. The principles of liberty […]