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The Trey Mays Blog is a unique advocate for the ideas of theocratic conservatism and an inherently public Gospel, the cultural reformation of a biblical republic, the restoration of liberty and property, and the promotion of justice and national sovereignty.

About the Proprietor

Welcome to The Trey Mays Blog. It is a daily dispatch for Truth. If you slap on the words Truth and Dispatch to your blog, you instantly become a cultural evangelist and have a cultural and theological blog that can make all the prophetic declarations from a position of moral authority, as if you know what you’re talking about on all things cultural. But of course, if my cultural opinions are not based in the Christian Scriptures and biblical theology, then what I write is irrelevant and grounded on no authority at all. And that is why my blog will be unapologetically theocratic in my daily admonitions of our civil rulers, as well as the compromised secular conservatism of the Evangelical intelligentsia.

My name is Trey Mays, and I am the cultural sheriff and proprietor around here. I have been happily glorifying the One True God, 25 years and counting, and I have no children (I would hope not, since I have no wife either). But that doesn’t stop me from proclaiming the joys of covenant marriage and its application on the public sphere. And I will continue making these proclamations and declarations into our broken culture for as long as God allows me, based on the authority of God’s Covenant of Creation. Counting it all joy, especially when the secularists ridicule my good name for that is when I will know that I have offended all the right people and I am doing something right.

Let me introduce you to the basic function and purpose of this cultural and theological blog and the social media shenanigans here, and then I will tell you a bit more of my story. You can follow me on Twitter @TreyMays. You can also take a digital stroll to the bottom of this page and find other ways to connect with me.

I am a cultural evangelist and essayist opining on human events and advocating for a revival in the Church, a reformation of culture, the establishment of the Kingdom, and a restoration of Mere Christendom.

The purpose of this blog is socially and culturally broad and found in its motto – “All of Christ, for All of life, for All of America and the World.” For Truth to touch all of life over all of America, we need to create cultural essays that are historically Reformed, authentically Evangelical, and ideologically Conservative. We need a theology and eschatology that builds towards the future hope and eternity, and fights back against the profane onslaught of secular-humanism and radical Islam. My intent with these cultural essays is to advance a Reformational theology of the two great giants in Roman Catholic and Protestant Thought: G.K. Chesterton and John Calvin. One might call the theology of this blog Chestertonian Calvinism.

Who do I write for? Who is the intended audience of these here cultural essays? I write for the historically Reformed, authentically Evangelical, and ideologically Conservative Christians who are dissatisfied with the egalitarian, young hippie pastors of the contemporary church who are more concerned about not offending the SJWs, than preaching the whole counsel of the Christian Scriptures. And those who are dissatisfied with the Christian socialist pastors who excuse the legalized theft by the civil magistrate in the name of “social justice.” I commit my particular brand of thought crimes for those men and women who don’t quite know how to express their dissatisfaction in order to give them a voice.

My unconventional, politically incorrect perspective is not hard to discern, but incredibly easy for my enemies (and maybe some friends) to misconstrue my thoughts and ideas, to ascribe certain unbiblical motives and words to what they wanted to read, not what I actually wrote. In theology, I am authentically Evangelical, and I subscribe to an historic view of the Reformed faith that is postmill, Calvinist, and a combination of Presbyterian and Southern Baptist (in no particular order). In politics, I am somewhere between R.L. Dabney and “Silent Cal” Coolidge on the right end of the political spectrum.

My Testimony

I grew up in a home where the Bible was taught, and the love of Jesus was exemplified in my home.  My parents taught me through word and example that church going to fellowship and worship with fellow believers was an important part of the Christian life.  By the time I was 5 years old I talked with my dad about my need for Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I recognized that my need for Christ was a personal decision that I had to make between God and me (my parents’ faith couldn’t save me).

When I was 5 years old, after my dad and I talked about my need for Christ, he and I prayed a prayer of commitment.  Although I was just a 5 year old and didn’t have an intellectual understanding of Sin, I recognized that all people, including myself, had come into the world sinners and were in need of a Savior.  Dad explained to me that when I, as a sinner, died without Jesus, I would live without God in Hell forever.  He explained to me that Jesus, who lived a perfect life, brought a hope for me to live with Him forever in Heaven, by dying on the Cross and rising to new life on the third day.  Dad asked me if I wanted to live with Jesus forever in Heaven; did I trust Jesus to save me from my Sin?  I said yes, and I prayed, acknowledging that I was a sinner and placed my trust in Jesus.

Because I was so young when I trusted in Jesus, I didn’t really have a life of sin and struggles.  However, when I was young I struggled with speech, reading, and comprehension.  I could read, but I didn’t truly start reading and comprehending what I was reading on my own until I was a Junior in high school.  Those struggles even persisted later in life while I was in college.  In college, I would seek help from the university’s student support services to help me with my struggles, but that led me to relying on my own strengths, and college became about satisfying my own desire to do well in school.  As I reflect, my college life was not a bright and joyful period of my life story.  It was not marked by a faithful and trusting walk with Jesus.  It was a time marked mostly of pride, envy, and impatience.  I was prideful in my own abilities to overcome my fear of failure.  I was envious of everyone around me, or what seemed like everyone, who seemed to grasp and do academics easily, while I had to work twice as hard to keep up with them.  And that fear of failure drove my impatience.

But, which is probably the most gracious and glorious word in the whole Bible, Jesus used those personal struggles to teach me that I was in college for Him and not for myself, and how to lean on Him and to bring His name glory.  Through my college years, Jesus changed my life, and continues to change my life, in deepening and widening my understanding of His divine grace, His unmerited favor.  He is always teaching me that whatever I am doing and how I am doing it, His grace is enough, which has taught me that my actions should bring glory to His name, that obedience and repentance are not just platitudes, but obligations of the Christian life.  Now, Jesus has taken my struggles in speech, reading, and comprehension and has given me a purpose and a passion for communicating the Christian worldview as a political and cultural commentator.

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